There should be more people like James Mickens

Warning: in an attempt to blog more in general, and maybe less seriously so, here’s some lighter material than usual. I hope that at some point the usual material will be preceded by a similar disclaimer, announcing some “heavier material than usual”.

I’m a fan of James Mickens. I wish there were more people like James Mickens (well, turns out that there are, kind of, but that’s beside the point). James Mickens is a man who combines genius, benevolence and humor into a grand holistic theme that will take mankind to new heights.

James looks like this:


And he writes like this:

I don’t know all of the answers in life, but I do know all of the things which aren’t the answers, and JavaScript falls into the same category as Scientology, homeopathic medicine, and making dogs wear tiny sweaters due to a misplaced belief that this is what dogs would do if they had access to looms and opposable thumbs.

And like this:

Anyways, my point is that browsers are too complex to be trusted. Unfortunately, youth is always wasted on the young, and the current generation of software developers is convinced that browsers need more features, not fewer. So, we are encouraged to celebrate the fact that browsers turn our computers into little Star Wars cantinas where everyone is welcome and you can drink a blue drink if you want to drink a blue drink and if something bad happens, then maybe a Jedi will save you, and if not, HEY IT’S A STAR WARS CANTINA YESSSSS.

And like this:

These are not the best people in the history of people, yet somehow, I am supposed to stitch these clowns into a rich cryptographic tapestry that supports key revocation and verifiable audit trails

That’s all. Go watch his talks and read his papers:

There’s plenty more, of course, and Goog^H^H^H^HDuckduckgo is your friend.


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