Cool chemistry projects!

GitHub launched a new thing called GitHub Education. I bet it’s really cool, but that’s not what I want to talk about today. The front page looks like this:

GitHub Education blackboard with cool chemistry set

See that chemistry set there on the left? It looks so awesome! With tubes and big spherical bowls and steam and fire and bubbles, wow! Can I send my kids to a school that has that?

School projects in media are often drawn like this. Sherlock Holmes has a similar setup in the middle of his kitchen. But has anyone ever done anything that remotely resembles that in school? I know for sure I haven’t. Our chemistry projects looked like this:

Boring bunsen burner with test tube

Indeed, a test tube. Ok, and some heat, so at least we had danger. But still, boooring.

And, that makes me think, why not? Wouldn’t chemistry class be a lot more fun if we could make it look cool? Even if the experiment doesn’t need for some fluid to flow from bowl A to glass B, can’t we still make it? Maybe this is just the LEGO fanboy in me talking, but I feel like there’s an opportunity here!


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